We thankfully have some very resourceful people on our team. Many of us are mechanically inclined, with a very specific skillset for Bicycles of all types. We have just enough coffee enthusiasts to keep the cold brew strong without drinking it all ourselves! And many of us are skilled builders and artists, with a few yogis, engineers, teachers, and great cooks thrown in.



Freezer (Will) is a visual effects animation guru, drum/guitar/bass playing, photo taking, bike riding, afro wearing, dude from the New York area (New Jersey). He's back for his fourth tour of leadership at Flat Tire Cafe as Camp Co-Lead and EA Architect for 2019! He’s also on the Flat Tire Cafe Non-Profit Board.



Sybil (Chris) is a super organizer and logistical wiz with years of experience herding cats (managing people ;)). An engineer by education, but coach and process consultant by choice, she loves getting involved and solving problems, and prefers getting to know people on a personal level. She is on her fourth year of leadership for Flat Tire Cafe and is Camp Planning Lead for 2019. She’s also on the Flat Tire Cafe Non-Profit Board.


Ra, Little Extra Bear, Answer Man, and Bender

Ra (Rasheed) is our Cafe Lead this year. He hails from New York and rocks at keeping our group together even in the far corners of the playa.

Answer Man (Charlie) and Bender (Vicky) are part of our awesome Flat Tire Cafe Board team, and have led us strong in years past. This year they get a break from the heavy lifting ;)





Escape is our Bike Lead this year, an avid mountain biker and social media manager, he brings a lot of technical skill to pass on in our bike shop!