Want to join us?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! We are at full capacity for 2019 and are no longer accepting applications. However, please come say hi at 4:30 x B Plaza. We’d love to meet you and serve you coffee or fix your bike!

Flat Tire Cafe is a tight knit community, adding members primarily by referral. Though you may come in as a newbie, you'll leave with lifelong friends and family! ðŸ˜º

We keep a very relaxed environment and have most of our interactivity scheduled during the hours of 9AM and 5PM, leaving the rest of the time available for our campers to do things together, explore, and venture out at night. We schedule each camper for a minimum of 3 work shifts during those hours throughout the week. All our camp members help out for a few shifts in our Cafe or Bike Shop.

But if our campers want to help more, or have something awesome they want to share with the playa, we strongly encourage it! Want to host a yoga session? Have a desire to run an open mic event? Want to host a game tournament in our huge game lounge? Know some good stories, healing arts, or read tarot? Everyone is welcome to express themselves and share their gifts in our space. 

Camp fees are 100% used for infrastructure, water, food, our gifts to playa (coffee and bike repair) and transportation of all the camp gear to the playa each year. By pooling our resources, everyone comes out ahead and has a nice shaded space to camp, food to eat (including camp dinners), water for drinking and showers for the week. 

We are a non-profit organization, and a full contribution based camp. The balance of interactivity and respect for each camper's time is what makes us so awesome! Everyone gets plenty of time to explore, while still contributing in a very meaningful way to our playa gifting and community events.  

We are a very diverse international camp with members from all over the world, and are LGBTQ friendly.